Project Title Master Plan & Master Plan Update
Airport    Ufa Int'l. Airport
Location Ufa, Russia
Time-Frame 04/2011 – 10/2011
Client Ufa Airport

The purpose of the Study was to provide the Client with information to aid the decision making in terms of the future development of the Ufa Airport. Market Assessment Analysis was supported by the surveys of for example airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, freight forwarders, couriers, local administration representatives.

Services provided:

  • Analysis of market potential:
    • development of the tourism market
    • airline market survey
    • economic situation in the region
  • Forecast of air transportation development:
    • forecast of Passenger traffic
    • forecast of Cargo traffic
  • Strategic Positioning of International Airport of Ufa
    • vision and strategic objectives
    • strategic initiatives
  • Estimation of the actual airport capacity (ADM):
    • Estimation of the capacity of the Passenger Terminal functional zones
    • Estimation of the capacity of Runway, Taxiways, Apron
  • Estimation and calculation of the airport objects capacity for the period until 2030 (ADM):
    • Passenger Terminal (check-in zone, passport control, customs, baggage claim, gates etc.)
    • Cargo Terminal (warehouses, manoeuvring areas, processing of Cargo and Mail)
    • Airfield (Runways, Taxiways, Aprons)
    • Landside (parking, public transport parking etc.)
  • Development of updated Master Plan for Airport of Ufa, including Business Aviation Centre and the capital expenditure program (CAPEX) (ADM)
  • Project risks analysis in line with designed scenarios of traffic development
  • Preparation of business and financial plan for the airport for the period until 2030.