Project Title Retail Concept
Airport São Paulo Guarulhos Int'l Airport
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time-Frame 04/2012 – 10/2012
Client Investimentos e Participações em Infra-
Estrutura S.A. - Invepar

During the bid phase for three airports (Guarulhos, Viracopos and Brasilia) ACV has been the technical advisor for Invepar.
After the successful privatisation and award of Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo to the Invepar/ACSA consortium the consortium engaged ACV to provide the retail services for the existing terminal and the new terminals which need to be built before UEFA Worldcup in 2014.

Services provided:

  • Analysis of the existing outlets
  • SWOT and improvement program
  • Develop a retail strategy based traffic forecasts and passenger segments for the quality and price positioning of the shops, catering units and passenger units driven by anchor and magnet functions of strong brands
  • Preparation of tenant sheets
  • Assessment of areas and zones and traffic estimates
  • Ideal product-outlet mix with optimized locations
  • Review of existing contracts (core tenants)
  • Assessment of turnover potential
  • Define target concession fee
  • Implement the concession management tools (contract, POS and inventory management systems, passenger surveys, etc.)
  • Real Estate Landside Development Concept
  • Tenant sheets
  • Review and adjust existing contracts
  • Analysis of price policy and concession planning
  • SWOT summary
  • Advertisement potential analysis
  • Strategy for improvement demand
  • Concession fee target
  • Analysis of the existing catering services by type, location, quality and contract
  • Recommend relocations, renegotiations and new tenants for catering based on a reviewed product-outlet mix
  • Review and optimize the existing passenger services (ticket counters, baggage wrapping, ATM’s, banks, rental cars, public transportation, baggage trolley, porter services, lounges, etc.)
  • Concept for retail, catering and passenger service units and the space allocation based on future traffic potentials of the new Passenger Terminal (including functional plan and space optimization).
  • Joint marketing program for shops, catering units and passenger service units