Project Title Development of Traffic Growth - Marketing
and Sales Strategy (Management Contract)
Airport    Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
Location Nelspruit, South Africa
Time-Frame 2004 - 2007
Client Primkop Airport Management

ACV has entered into a Management Contract with ABB’s local operating company, Primkop Airport Management. ACV implemented a unique marketing and sales strategy in terms of an “off-mainstream approach”. KMIA, strategically located in a premier tourism region of South Africa and close to the Kruger Park, stands to fulfil a complementary role to the country’s main hub, the Johannesburg Intl. Airport, as well as to the primary tourism gateway, the Cape Town Intl. Airport. In close consultation with S.A. Tourism, and the local authorities, the Airport’s international and regional air transport is being developed in line with national policies, while keeping a close focus on its own identified international target markets.

Services provided:

  • Analysis of South Africa’s aviation market and the air transport policy of South Africa
  • Development of a marketing and sales strategy for KMIA
  • Review and design of bilateral agreements for international carriers to serve Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
  • Negotiations and advice for South African CAA on the adjustments of bilateral and regulatory framework and utilisation of the international charter flight rights
  • Identify the requirements of foreign carriers based on the South African air transport policy
  • Tourism and Aviation Market research
  • Tourism and aviation forecasts (international scheduled and charter traffic)
  • Market segmentation
  • Airline marketing and negotiations with European charter carriers (e.g. Lauda Air, Condor, First Choice UK, Malev, LOT, Lauda Italy, Turkish Airlines, Travel Service, etc.)
  • Tour operator marketing and sales activities
  • Key Account Management
  • Charter operations readiness planning
  • Tariff policy and regulatory framework
  • A&P Budget for joint promotions with tour operators and charter carriers in target markets
  • Traffic Growth Management