Project Title Master Plan and Feasibility Study
Airport    Dubrovnik Int'l. Airport
Location Dubrovnik, Croatia
Time-Frame 05/2012 – 11/2012
Client Dubrovnik Airport, Ltd.

The purpose of the Study was the implementation of a new Master Plan and Feasibility Study for Dubrovnik International Airport in order being considered as an integral part of the new strategy of the airport as a company, and shall be subject to the same. Moreover, the old Master Plan of 2007 was revised due to the current situation and future development prognosis

Services provided (Master Plan):

  • Role of Dubrovnik Airport: Market Analysis of the actual strategic position;
  • Development of airport strategy for future development;
  • Revision of the existing Master Plan from 2007;
  • Traffic forecast preparation;
  • Development of new Master Plan for Dubrovnik Airport, including the capital expenditure program (CAPEX) (ADM)
  • Preparation of business plan for the airport for the period 2012 – 2032.

Services provided (Feasibility Study):

  • Vision and Mission;
  • Socio-Economic Context (Croatia in general, Economy, Territorial Aspects, County, and Development Aspects);
  • Institutional and Political Aspects (Institutions, Administrative and Procedural Obligations, EU Funds as sources of financing)
  • Project Description (Existing Infrastructure and Future Development) (ADM);
  • Analysis of Demand (Catchment Area, Growth of Air Transportation demand, Project Impacts, capacity limitations);
  • Human Resources and the Employment Impact;
  • Estimation of the Project Costs (Investment Costs, Maintenance Costs, Other Costs);
  • Implementation of Project Activities;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (Financial Analysis, Economic Analysis, Sensitivity and Risk Analysis);
  • Environmental Requirements (Environmental Impact Assessment, Mitigation Measures).